Be like a tree

Bombax ceiba
Cotton tree

IMG_6870IMG_6863This tree is called “Bombax” or silk-floss tree. I find this tree very unique. Normally we see trees drying up during the dry season but this tree completely behaves the opposite. It normally sheds leaves completely during the rainy season. It is very huge tree and provides good shade. Though it’s thorny it accommodates the parasitic plants. Right now we are in the dry season and the tree looks beautiful since it’s even bearing it beautiful pink flowers. I took these photos at Don Bosco YES in Karen, Nairobi – Kenya.

Just like this tree, as human beings we are also unique in our own ways. Use your uniqueness to make others happy, inspire, motivate and help them give a meaning to life. Do not be afraid to shine, always stand tall no matter the circumstances. This tree has not changed how it behaves just to be in line with other trees therefore, you as a person should strive to be your best and do not compare yourself to others. Make the world beautiful and worth living. Trees beautify the world through refreshing the air, providing beautiful flowers which make a place serene. If we open our hearts, spread love, share our wisdom with others and also help others grow their dreams surely the world will be a charming place to be.

IMG_6857Trees can grow for hundreds of years if human beings do not destroy them. They develop strong roots and root themselves firmly to the ground. As a person grow strong roots, know who you are, know your mission and goals in life. Your success will highly depend on how strong you are and how you lay your foundation.

“This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy.” ~ Susan Polis Schutz


Girl Child Empowerment: Where did we go wrong?

In the recent years girl child empowerment in world have been the everyday talk and we even have a day of the girl child which is celebrated on 10th October. Women are considered as the marginalized population in the world hence the advocacy for women empowerment. Women empowerment is meant to make them have control over their social, economic, legal and political life. They are meant to have equal rights with men. This advocacy has had a great impact where women now are working shoulder to shoulder with men in all spheres.

In the Kenyan context, the society concentrated so much on this advocacy until it was felt that the boy child has been left on his own. The girl child is increasingly taking control in various fields like education, politics, career and lifestyle. Nowadays there is no such thing as you can’t do that particular course it is meant for men. Most science and mathematics related courses were said to be for men but now women are dominating in these fields. The saying what men can do women can do better is increasingly taking course. It is a good sign that the girl child has been motivated and taught not to feel inferior anymore.

Being independent is a very important virtue but my question is; is it being done in the right way? We have taught our girls to be independent by asking them to go an extra mile to achieve this but they are going the wrong way. The ‘sponsor’ thing has become the talk of the day in our society. Every young lady out there want to be independent and have a good life, but how can they achieve this without money. This has resulted them to look for old rich married men ‘the sponsors’ to sustain them. Money has taken over everything, it has become the key control of peoples’ lives. Girl child empowerment has taken the wrong turn in the name of independence.

As women turn to be more independent the more evil things are happening to them. A lot of inhumanity has happened to the girl child in our country. In the last few months we have woke up to very sad news of brutal murder of young ladies below the age of 30. 99% of the suspects of the crime are men. Investigations have shown that these young women who have been murdered lived lavish lifestyles and most of the murder cases are connected with love triangles. Is this what we wanted to achieve by empowering the girl child? Certainly no.

Independence! Did the society make a mistake by asking the girl child to be independent? Money, money, money has become the order of the day. Secret love affairs with old rich men that is leaving young men with no ladies to want be associated with them since they do not have money. Alright you may enjoy when you have it but truth be told it is leading many girls to an early grave.

Truly we have concentrated in empowering the girl child but we need to go back to the drawing board and explain to them what it really means to be empowered and independent. Let’s teach them to be independent but not to use shortcuts. Teach girls to be women of dignity. Teach them to respect other marriages. Let them lead a life that everyone would admire. Being independent is not easy but if we have a positive attitude we can achieve it. Hard work is the key to every success. Let the girl child realize that being successful does not come in a silver platter rather it is hard earned. Shortcuts in life will always go wrong. We need to refocus on how we are carrying out this advocacy of girl child empowerment and let no more life be lost.